402 Synthetic Polymer Multipurpose Water-resistant Lubricant

402 Synthetic Polymer is a PAO based multipurpose, water-resistant lubricant, used where washout resistance is critical to the operation. Because of its excellent stability and EP characteristics, 402 Synthetic Polymer will remain on a bearing surface longer, extend lubrication intervals, and prolong bearing life. 402 Synthetic Polymer contains LIQUILON®*, which provides residual lubrication long after conventional lubricants have washed out and adds stability and resistance to chemical change. 402 Synthetic Polymer is recommended for application to a variety of wireline, and drilling tools and equipment, vehicle lubrication and sealing, and to gate valves and pipeline ball valves. 402 Synthetic Polymer is also recommended for lubrication to those areas of downhole tools where washout by drilling fluids, muds, and other downtime contaminants is common. 402 Synthetic Polymer is an ideal lubricant when applied to wheel bearings, water pumps, universal joints, and steering arms. It fulfills complete lubricating grease requirements and is available in NLGI grades 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, and 3. The service temperature of 402 Synthetic Polymer is -50°F up to 400°F (-45°C up to 204°C).

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