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In the new millennium, OCR continues to meet customers’ demands with the highest quality products available. The product lines now include products for oilfield, industrial, automotive, marine, fishing, petrochemical, and agricultural.

Besides our commitment to excellent customer service, our Company offers adaptability to customer/industry needs. Other contributing factors to our Company’s success are our strategic warehouse locations and network of distributors located nationally and internationally. Another major factor in customer satisfaction is product reliability.

Over the last 50 years, OCR’s success is attributable to the strong relationships we have built with our customers as well as the commitment to respond to our customers’ needs with the highest quality products and service. Over the years, the industry has presented many challenges. With wonderful customer support and the dedication of the OCR family, the Company has achieved the unimaginable.

Our Associations


“Oil Center Research International, L.L.C. is a team committed to quality service and products in an ecologically balanced global marketplace.”

Our Values

Team First 

The Company values our team members and their families. Our team members are our greatest assets. Our Company strives on keeping our team members and their family safe, healthy, and happy. With a healthy environment we can better serve our customers.

Committed to Excellence 

Decisions are based on our Company Mission Statement. Goals are set to best utilize our time. We are constantly improving our Company for the ever-changing needs of our customer.


We provide Personal Responsibility and Accountability through our Team Communication Structure.

Continuous Improvement 

Through each team member’s hard work, dedication, and attention to our customers’ needs, our Company has become successful. Our team members continue to improve in Safety, Quality, Dedication, Reliability, and Training.

Dedication for Quality 

We have a dynamic group of leaders and managers that train, advise, and demonstrate what is needed to produce a quality product in a cost effective, timely manner. Our Company follows our Quality Management System which is documented in our Quality Manual and Quality Operating Procedures. This ensures focus on the customer and continual improvement to provide the best products and service.

Our History

Oil Center Research (OCR) was founded in 1958 from a vision of two individuals with only one product to sell, Hydrogel. This vision would lead to opportunities that were as yet, unimaginable. Over the past 60 years, OCR’s product line has grown to include over 1,000 products, and its trade name Liquid-O-Ring® is recognized worldwide. The Company motto, “Seal of Dependability,” signifies a commitment to our customers by providing some of the most superior products available in the market today.

During the 1960’s, OCR began developing a line of innovative lubricants and sealants that had a significant impact on the industry. This line of products carried the name Liquid-O-Ring® and contained Liquilon®, providing the lowest coefficient of friction available in the lubricant market.

Towards the end of the decade, the product line was expanded to include one of the most phenomenal success stories to hit the toy industry. This product, later known as TX-150, was initially developed for the oil industry. Under agreement with Wham-O®, the product, or toy, was marketed under the name “Super Stuff”®. The application potential of this product remains endless in a variety of fields. Currently, TX-151, the refined product, is used in radiology and oncology departments of hospitals and health facilities nationwide.

Customer demand in the 1970’s led to a more expanded line of oilfield products including thread compounds for tubing, casing, drill pipe, drill collars, storage compounds, pipe coatings, valve lubricants, sealants, hydraulic and transmission gear oils, automotive oil sealants, wireline grease seals, protective sprays, rust and corrosion inhibitors, cleaners, degreasers, specialty lubricants, greases, and sealants for downhole operations. As the demand continued to grow, more products were added to meet the needs of the customer, including a line of soaps, detergents, and related products for the janitorial, car wash, and concrete industries. Also, during the 1970’s, the PLUS® line of products was introduced to the automotive industry. Within the PLUS® line of products, the oil treatment was used with great success by the Canadian branch of the National Racing Circuit. PLUS® oil treatment is currently very popular in the Japanese automotive market.

Through the 1980’s and 1990’s, OCR led the industry by introducing an environmentally friendly line of products. At present, OCR can offer a complete line of environmentally safe products for all industries and applications. The Company sells its products directly to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and service companies. In addition, the customer’s applications are researched and products are formulated to meet their specific requirements.

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