1122 Haps-free Black, Glossy, Waterborne External Pipe Coating

Protekto-Coat 1122 is a HAPS-free, black, environmentally friendly coating formulated to provide an excellent long-term protective coating to external tubular surfaces while pipe is in storage. Protekto-Coat 1122 is the result of the latest available technology in waterborne coatings in terms of metal protection. This fast drying coating provides low VOC emissions and exhibits good adhesion to steel surfaces. Protekto-Coat 1122 provides a black, glossy finished coating which results in long lasting protection against corrosion. The black pigment used in Protekto-Coat 1122 not only provides a beautiful finish it also helps block-out the ultra violet rays of the sun giving it a longer life than traditional clear pipe coatings. Protekto-Coat 1122 is a high performance coating having excellent impact resistance while providing good surface penetration.

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